Christina & Nate // A Turquoise Autumn Engagement

Christina and Nate attended Gustavus Adolphus College with me and are the definition of loving and caring. Christina is a compassionate individual who graduated a semester early to travel around Fiji, and Nate is a cuddly man who always makes sure you are doing alright. My only regret is not taking advantage of getting to know these two before we graduated. We all talked about how we wanted to play with the autumn colors, so we decided on photographing at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

The Arboretum welcomed us with a massive crowd of people enjoying the glistening sunshine and their vibrant energy. People were running all around the trails with their families and loved ones. The warm energy was inspiring, and we were ready to shoot our session. The Arboretum is massive (with a three-mile road circumferencing the Arboretum) and had a variety of different terrain: marshes, willow trees, maple trees, fields, and even hedges. There was a vast number of colors, and we wanted to make use of as many different kinds of terrain as we can. Towards the end of our session, Christina surprised Nate with a proposal which included reading an incredibly heartfelt letter. I made sure to duck out to allow this moment to be between the two of them, and I remember being in complete awe and immersed while photographing from afar. Scroll down, and watch the story unfold.



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