Sarah and Angel // A Warm and Intimate Barn Wedding

Arriving at Hope Glen Farm, the rustic exteriors and the charming woods welcomed me with an incredible warmth and love. Little did I know, Sarah and Angel would exuberant the same vibrance and joy as did Hope Glen Farm. Immediately as I entered the bucolic cabin where Sarah was getting her make-up done, Sarah sprung from the chair and wrapped me in a warm hug. From that moment onward, I knew I was about to capture a truly special day.

Angel is a man that I wish was my older brother; incredibly chill, cool, and exceptionally kind. I remember him nodding at me with a warm smile when he first saw me and I could sense the immense amount of compassion he has. In Angel’s vows, he mentioned that his favorite part about Sarah is her complete love for life and having every single person know they are loved. I knew that those words more than true, and that these words were an understatement of Sarah’s love for people.

I have questioned what moment of Sarah and Angel’s wedding was my absolute favorite, as there were plenty of movements that fill me with warmth and love. But now, I figured out what made Sarah and Angel’s wedding so special; it was their wedding’s power of connection. Sarah and Angel’s wedding truly made me feel as if I belonged there. With the amount of love I received from Sarah it felt as if we were longtime friends. Sarah was constantly telling me that she loved and appreciated me and the bridal party was helpful, intimate, and exceptionally kind. I felt connected. When the wonderful bridesmaids kept telling me that they cannot wait for me to be off the clock and to dance with them all night long, I fell in love with the people and the intimacy.

And dancing all night long with my new bridesmaid friends I did.


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